FTV-Girls Angelina III Sexy trailer

Beautiful blonde babe with slim body Angelina plays with toy!

My first job was working at a local mini golf/ice cream shop. I worked on the mini golf side, which is actually pretty crazy, considering my boss was sexist and gay. It was not a good combination for me. See, I was the only girl working at the golf side at this point, what makes it crazy was that all the other girls worked in the kitchen. How I avoided that occupation will never be known, but I sure am glad I was not making food all day. All the guys scooped ice cream or worked in the golf shack with me, and when I asked if I could scoop ice cream I pretty much got laughed at. Each year all the guys in the golf shack would get a raise… but I never did. There was a little storage unit where it was rumored that certain employees would hook up, and it became a joke where this one guy would always ask me to go to the storage unit with me. I didn’t get it at first, but later I thanked myself for declining his offer once I got the hint.

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