We saw Liza Hernandez cleavage at Lakers game and it was awesome!

Liza Hernandez cleavage boobs at Lakers game
Floyd Mayweather and Liza Hernandez attended LA Lakers victory against Sacramento Kings on Tuesday

Latina busty model Liza Herandez showed some big boobs at LA Lakers match. She attended the game with her boyfriend the 37-years-old boxer Floyd Mayweather.

So let’s see some photos of her.

Mayweather and Hernandez

Liza Hernandez cleavage is huge!
wow that cleavage is huge!

Mayweather and Hernandez were all smiles as they enjoyed the Lakers win

and more

Liza Hernandez cleavage pretty Liza Hernandez glamour boobs

Liza Hernandez boobs ready to pop out
Liza Hernandez boobs ready to pop out


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