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This gorgeous, fun-loving, charismatic girl continues her shoot on location, wearing a very sexy mini skirt. Her breasts are amazing, and so are her nipples, so we get some nice hard breast massage play, as well as nipple stretching, and her first time licking her nipples! She then masturbates with the Eroscillator Toy. She is introduced to the Big Ten Toy! She gives it a very sensual blowjob, then gets naked and starts riding it. And that’s where it becomes surprisingly extreme… she takes the whole 10 inches down!!! She takes that thing so deep, that body absorbs it all the way down. We see her ride it both front and back, then she fucks herself with it until she’s too filled up to continue. 🙂

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Nia on FTVGirls.com Released Oct 11, 2017!

What a beautiful girl… only 18, but with a figure of a goddess and blessed with some amazing legs meant to be a fashion model! Wearing a short skirt and very skimpy top and sexy wedges, she goes shopping at a very busy and fancy mall, while guys stare at this gorgeous and sexy girl.

Risky public nudity, we find out that she isn’t even wearing panties, and make her expose her firm butt and even finger herself!

Going home, she’s introduced to the Eroscillator Vibrator, and with it, she ends up with an amazingly strong orgasm and very strong vaginal contractions… we find out that she’s never used a vibrator in her life! She fingers herself, super wet inside…

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