10 Best Sex Positions to Hit the G-spot

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The 10 best sex positions that you and your partner will surely like:

1.Furious rodeo

A man sits and leans on his hands behind him being cross-legged. The legs should be spread widely enough. A woman sits astride her partner, face to him, and wrap her legs around his waist. Begin slowly to move up and down from left to right. Choose the pace that you prefer.
Why is this pose so good?
Because everything is in your hands – after all, you determine the intensity and rhythm of frictions.

When is the best time to take advantage of this pose?
This pose is best used if you are not too tired. It will be an ideal choice for a woman who wants to take the initiative into her own hands.

2.The Magnificent Eight

She lies on the back, stretching out and slightly spread her legs. To ensure deeper penetration, place the pillow under the buttocks.
He leans on his hands on either side of your face. Put his hands on the partner’s buttocks, gently directing his movements so that their trajectory resembles the figure 8.
The given angle provides deep penetration, and the movement “eight” allows to stimulate the deepest parts of the vagina.
The pose will suit if you feel tired, but full of the desire to end the day with delightful sex.
3.The Top of enjoyment
He:stands on the floor.She hugs his shoulders, letting him lift her. You can use your feet to lean on the sofa behind you.This position attracts with its novelty.The posture makes you feel fragile and weightless and totally surrender to the power of your partner.
Bend back, holding on to his neck.This will allow his penis to penetrate deeper, and your body will acquire a seductive bend that will add passion to your partner.

A woman gets up on all fours in front of him (but not face him) and allow her partner to raise her legs as high as possible, thus leaning on hands only.
A man stands behind a partner and holds her tightly by the ankles. He bends her legs and inclines body so that it is convenient for him to enter into his object of passion.

5.Super G
She: gets on all fours. In order not to arch her back, she lowers the head of her partner as much as possible.
He: kneels behind his sweetie, firmly holds her by the hips and moves at the desired rhythm.
He lies on her, as in a missionary pose. When the partner will enter inside, strain all the muscles of the vagina maximally.This position allows you to train the walls of the vagina, as well as the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, turning sex not only into pleasure, but also in a very useful activity.

He stands before the chosen one, who grabs his buttocks with her feet.Psychologically, this position is gorgeous, because spontaneous sex on the kitchen table or washing machine provides an unforgettable experience.

She: lies on her back, raising her legs.
He: standing on his knees, takes her legs and puts them on his shoulders. Strongly holding her hips, he is slightly fed to her and enters into the bosom.

9.On the couch
He: sits on the couch, his feet are on the floor.
She: sits down on his lap, facing him. Leans back, leaning his hands on his knees to keep his balance. Moves in the rhythm that is more she likes.

10.Sexy Scissors
She: lies on her back on a flat horizontal surface (for example, on a desk). Then moves the hips to the edge of this surface, raises the legs to the appropriate angle.
He: faces the girl and holds her by the ankles. He spreads her legs and simultaneously enters the fold, then crosses and spreads her legs again, continuing to move inside the partner.

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