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In popular magazines and on internet portals, one can find revelations from escort workers, and they are not always horrifying; sometimes they even bring a smile. Working in escort is not as bad as it may seem to most people, but there are nuances.


The most interesting revelations from workers: I like my job, but I’m always afraid of judgment because if people find out what I’ve come to, they won’t want to communicate with me. My boyfriend will leave me if I quit escort, because only there can I get a big salary. The secrecy of this job is the most pleasant thing. You can earn a lot of money, but no one will know where they come from and what exactly you do. The only terrible thing about my job is that sex becomes a routine, a duty that must be observed and performed every day. I have two lives – one during the day, when I’m a proper lady, and at night, where I can allow myself anything I want. Yes, I work in escort, and it’s interesting that it feels like most men pay not to meet a beautiful girl, but to complain about how bad their wife is. Most models do not hide that they get into escort just for the money. But some of them have a secret goal – to find a rich and well-off man who agrees to take her as his wife.


In escort, there is its own system, and every girl who wants to stay in demand must understand that she has to fight for her place every day. Men choose the models, so the main skill that girls should have is the ability to attract attention to themselves at first glance. Escort models who have achieved great success and became wives of oligarchs, or were able to save a lot of money and start their own business, advise younger girls to always keep their figure in shape, create a good, quality portfolio, hire a photographer who will take really beautiful photos, not vulgar, but beautiful. Models should also choose good perfumes and attract men’s attention with a good scent, as it is the scent that a woman is remembered by. However, even when working for an agency, you need to take care of your own safety. To avoid anything bad happening, just do not violate the rules set by the agency. Before starting work, the girl decides for herself whether she is ready for personal meetings with a man, or wants to accompany them to various events.


A beginner escortess should know how to ensure success in the leisure industry and get the best offers from men. For this, first of all, you need to take care of your appearance and remain interesting. Agencies welcome models who live a bright, rich life, and care about self-development. It is necessary to take care of your appearance as a whole, not to gain extra pounds, and also to follow proper nutrition so that there are no rashes and pimples on the skin. Working on speech and manners, as well as developing the ability to communicate with business men, interest them and engage in conversation will not be superfluous. There is no place for stupid girls in VIP escort, who have nothing but a pretty appearance. Ideally, a lady should know psychology, understand the basics of politics and economics, know conversational English, and be able to maintain a conversation on any topic. A light, cheerful character and pleasant manners are the qualities that will allow a girl to stand out among other escorts, and take a high place in the ranking, and therefore, receive more money, gifts, and attention. This is exactly the kind of eskort Georgia we can offer you.

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Interestingly, the opinion about escort services of both wealthy and not wealthy men can differ. Those who cannot afford to hire girls for the night call them a crude term, indicating them as “representatives of the ancient profession,” but men who deal with such women speak of them in the best light, as they understand that these girls are not just beautiful, but also very smart, interesting companions and interlocutors. Typically, men express their opinion about escorts with phrases like “She is very beautiful and interesting” or “They are ready to do everything we want, and this is great, because the wife always finds excuses.” However, most often men hire escorts for girls of presentable appearance to accompany them to events. For such men, girls from escort are considered just expensive models who can correct the situation if there is no permanent girlfriend, but it is necessary to come to meetings accompanied by a lady.

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