Olivia Wilde nude on TV serie Vinyl, showing off bush!

American actress Olivia Wilde in extremely steamy scenes

Olivia Wilde nude body
Olivia Wilde nude scene in Vinyl

Olivia Wilde has given everyone a great reason to start watching Vinyl.

That’s after the actress went fully naked for a steamy scene during the sixth episode of the new HBO series.

The brunette beauty, who plays Devon Finestra on the show, left viewers speechless when she appeared in the nude on their televisions.

After they got their breath back many stormed social media to discuss the jaw-dropping sight they’d just witnessed.

Olivia Wilde nude photo 1 Olivia Wilde nude photo 2 Olivia Wilde nude bush pussy photo olivia wilde nude in vinyl photo 5

Olivia Wilde is back with a bang after appearing in her most daring project to date.

The actress, 32, stunned fans of her racy new drama Vinyl in the US this week as she went completely nude in hedonistic scenes.

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