Preparations & Tips for Your Escort Booking

Hiring an escort for the first time can be both an exciting and nervous situation, especially for newbies. Making a good first impression comes with a lot of pressure, and sometimes guys end up fumbling their experience with an escort. However, preparing for a date with an escort shouldn’t come with that much pressure.

Most professional escorts are experienced and will help you get along nicely on the first date. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you don’t have work to do on your end. This guide will share some preparation tips for your escort booking.

Be Clear From the Start

What do you want? Most people hire escorts to accomplish some of their fantasies and bucket list wishes. However, some Melbourne escorts may not be comfortable with some of the acts, which is why we recommend being clear from the beginning.

Talk about your fantasies and ask them if they are comfortable before planning for the date. Most escorts usually list the services they can provide on their online profiles. However, if you want something extra such as a threesome, it would be best to ask them first.

Use Polite Language

Just because you are paying them for their time doesn’t mean you can use foul language or be disrespectful. Being kind and polite goes a long way in helping you build chemistry with your escort. This starts right away when booking an appointment with an escort.

Most escorts will make small talk to build rapport. However, don’t take this opportunity to get personal and start asking them questions about their lives. Also, steer away from topics that may tense things up. Avoid talking about issues such as politics or sensitive topics related to religion.

Hygiene is Important

Making that good first impression will give you a good go ahead. Ensure that you dress well and wear some nice cologne to complement your looks. Take a shower, especially if you will be getting down later after the date or meetup.

Also, if you are having the escort come over to your place, make sure your room is clean and everything neatly arranged. You also need to ensure that you provide necessary items such as clean towels and stock up on toiletries.

Out Call vs. In Call Services

Some Melbourne escorts provide strictly in-call services, which means you have to go to their place. Most of them do so for their safety. However, some are open to coming to your place, which is known as out-call services.

You can also book a hotel room, which is great if you are not comfortable with going to other people’s houses or inviting them to yours. A hotel room is also great as you will get a clean room and other services provided, which will lessen your work.

Wrapping Up

Hiring an escort is always a nice way of enjoying relationship perks without any strings attached. The tips shared above will help you navigate your way from the booking stage up until you finally meet. Also, make sure you use legit escort directories to avoid getting scammed or cat fished.

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