Scoreland – Bra-busting with Sofie Style topless (gallery)

See big tits gallery of the hot brunette from Germany Sofie Style in nude shots by Scoreland.

“I enjoy this very much. Men always used to ask me if I model, so I decided to do it. I found your photographer and here I am. One man said to me, ‘Your eyes are beautiful but he was looking at my breasts.’ Girls like me get that a lot.”

Sofie was a late bloomer in the breasts department. “I was 16 years old, but once I developed, my boobs were bigger than many of my girlfriends’.”

“I have sex maybe three times a week. I like to begin with oral. Men should always do that for their woman. I have tried sex with a girl. It was a spontaneous affair with my friend and it was awesome.”

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