The Biggest Myths About Dating Online

Online dating has become HUGE in the past couple of years. With new technology and the internet comes an entire wave of possibilities and in my opinion, online dating is one of the few things that got the most out of it. Millions use dating apps and sites to find their soulmate or just someone to hook up with and with such a variety of people being online, it’s only a matter of time until things start going sideways. Only a couple of years ago, people who registered on dating sites were considered as complete losers, but now, it’s a multi-billion dollar business with millions of people worldwide looking for someone to connect with.

I’ve personally never used dating apps or sites even though I’m a millennial and most of my friends use them. After being challenged by my friends, I decided to take a chance and give a few of the most popular sites and apps a go. What I expected and what I experienced are two completely different things so I started doing some research on the topic. I came across a bunch of interesting facts about online dating that I made a list of the biggest myths when it comes to online dating.

Everybody Lies

When it comes to online dating, a vast majority of profiles include at least one lie. It can be a small one, it can be a big one, but a huge number of profiles include a lie in one way or another. I can’t say that every single profile out there is full of BS because there are genuine profiles from people who have been sincere completely!

When you create an online profile, you can easily be carried away with the possible power you can have over unsuspecting singles out there. Most people actually do this and think that adding something that people like would make them more attractive. The thing is that you can lie for a while, but the truth always comes out sooner or later. Just imagine how you’d feel if you met someone you thought you like but the other person ended up being completely different from what you thought they were.

Personally, I can’t say that this myth is completely true, but the vast majority of people fake something on their profiles. It mostly depends on what kind of profile it is, but when it comes to faking something, online dating profiles are the fakest of them all!

Girls In Their 20s Are More Likely To Get Messages

Even though dating and hookup sites aren’t age-restricted, girls in their 20s are more likely to get messages than girls aged above 30. Women older than 30 are not a “wanted” category because men usually look for young hotties to have sex with. Men are usually looking for free local sex, so young girls are their main target. Mature women aren’t so interested in sex with no obligations and meaningless flings, so men are literally skipping them left and right. Men are a lot more active on dating sites and they’re usually the ones who make the first move.

People Who Hook Up Online Are More Likely To Practice Safe Sex

This is a very positive myth and it’s good that people practice safe sex. As soon as I start thinking about online dating or hooking up with someone I met online, I think about whether they’ll give me an STD so the first thing I must have is a condom, no matter if it’s a regular date or a hookup.

Talking to some of my friends, I realized that all of them share my opinion and that using a condom when hooking up with someone you met online is a must.

People End Up In Serious Relationships With People They Met Online

Before I started writing this blog, I read an online survey and a study about having serious relationships after meeting a person online. To be honest, I was shocked to see that people end up in serious relationships the same as they do if they’ve met a person offline. Actually, it’s more likely to find love online than offline, but just by a small percentage.

Honestly, I thought that meeting someone online isn’t as serious as actually meeting them offline. I can’t describe exactly why I don’t consider online dating as serious as meeting someone through a friend or colleague, but numbers don’t lie. I’m personally an old-school type of guy who would rather get in a relationship with someone I’ve seen in person than with someone I only chatted with online.

Hooking up with someone, on the other hand, is much more likely to happen online than offline.

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