The origin & development of sex dolls

Sex dolls are evolving and are now more common in America than you think. People were only using sex toys as sex objects at the start. but now people are becoming more intimate with dolls. Some people treat the American sex doll as their partner in bed and an emotional partner.


The evolution has been due to innovative ways to make the TPE sex dolls more human-like and personified. Technology has been a major player in making this happen. The post looks into how the American sex doll has evolved from being something no one desired to be something that people consider as a partner and even part of their family.

History of the sex dolls

To learn about the evolution of sex dolls, the first thing to do is know where they came from and who invented them. These dolls started as leather puppets and were made by the Dutch. In the 17th century, the first sex dolls came to be on earth.

History has it that Dutch sailors who felt lonely as they were sailing decided to be a little bit innovative and made hand-sewn leather puppets. The sailors got their leather from the Japanese sailors. As a result. the sailors came up with the first traditional sex puppets to deal with their loneliness.


The invention of the modern sex dolls

You can be sure that you will not get any leather sex dolls from any toy shop because these puppets are long gone. The toys that we have today came a few centuries later. In the 1930s, according to author Anthony Ferguson, Hans Bellmer, a German surrealist artist, came up with the modern sex dolls.

The Bellmer’s sex dolls still had some shortcomings as they lacked orifices for penetration. People later fixed the flaw by creating inflatable sex dolls, and people believe that this was done during World War IL.

Legalization of sale of sex dolls

The popularity of the American sex doll grew in the late 1960s. In 1968, it became legal in America to sell sexual devices. manufacturers started advertising them in porn magazines, and therefore the popularity of sex dolls grew.


Development of AI sex dolls

Human beings are extraordinary creatures, and it is amazing what they can do with their brains. The sex dolls manufacturers have achieved the impossible by developing Al sex dolls. These dolls can talk, blink eyes, move their heads and even move lips.

The manufacturers make the dolls from silicone and include features such as body heat touch sensors and even breathing simulation. Some people feel that these dolls are similar to human beings and find a companion in them.

These AI dolls came in 2017, and there have been steady improvements over the past few years. There are even more developed sex dolls that can even self-lubricate.

Bottom Line

The evolution of sex dolls is stunning. At first, we had leather puppets, and now we have AI sex dolls that can even speak. The development is marveling and exciting.

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