9 Best Sex Toys for Webcam Models

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There are a lot of different sex toys out there for cam models to choose from. Any toy can easily become the centerpiece of any show. They can be incorporated into both public and private shows to be run on tips. The people in chat get to set them off all they want and interact with the models in a way makes them part of the show. The only real question is which of the sex toys out there are the best. There are a lot to choose from and no one can really have them all. Here are nine of the best to check out.

9. Pearl 2 and Fuse Plus Fleshlight

The Peal 2 and Fuse are two vibrators by Kiroo. They’re controlled through Bluetooth and made for couples. The Fleshlight is a big part of this. While the woman uses the vibrator, the Fleshlight reacts in sync and vice versa. The problem is finding chat guests with the same hardware.

8. We-Vibe

The people at We-Vibe offer toys that stimulate vaginally, clitorally, and anally. They’re high quality and controlled through an internet connection. There’s no way to sync them to tips, so they’re best for private shows.

7. Lovense Hush

The best thing about Lovense is that they think of everything that can be used in sex cams. The Hush is a vibrating butt plug that reacts to tips or the app. Chat guests can set them off for as long as they what and as powerfully as they wish.

6. Lovense Lush

The Lush is hands down the most popular toy for the camming community. It’s a vaginal stimulator that reacts to tips. It can be set for different speeds and durations and plenty of models use it anally. Just be careful. There’s no stopper, so it can end up deeper than you planned.

5. We-Vibe Ditto

Like the Hush, the Ditto is a vibrating butt plug. It’s smaller, so it’s perfect for the beginner or anyone that doesn’t want to go full gape. Like all of their toys, it has to be used in private chat since it doesn’t respond to tips.

4. Cowgirl

The Cowgirl is a leather saddle that vibrates, just like the Sybian. It comes with different attachments and can be controlled through an app. It doesn’t respond to tips, so it’s not ideal for public chat sessions, which is unfortunate.

3. The Bonbon

You can’t think about sex toys without thinking about how to hold them. That’s where the Bonbon comes in. This is a sadly shaped pillow with a hole in the middle. You can use it to hold your vibrators while you sit on it and ride all you want.

2. Axis

Much like the Bonbon, the Axis is meant to hold your toy for you. This one is a wedge pillow, but the holder is on the end. It makes it perfect to hold a magic wand. You can lean into it or ride it in total comfort.

1. Lovense Edge

Once again, Lovense thinks of everything. The Edge is their total stimulation package. It has motors right on the perineum and prostate and it’s adjustable. It’s meant to deliver as much pleasure as possible and can be controlled through tips. If you really want to enjoy your show, this is what you need.

Try Different Options

So that’s your list of the top 9 toys out there. Any addition to your shows will be great. It’s even better if you can try out the most appealing to you and watch those tips roll in the whole time. Find the best and your cam guests will love you for it.

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