How AI is changing and improving pornographic content

Uncensored AI-powered bots are making waves among the internet’s hottest users. They seduce, break hearts, and change the sexual paradigm with their spicy messages; and there is one for every taste.

The latest technological fashion, like every great advance of humanity, is intertwined with our primary instinct: sex. The Internet is already a very dirty space to which thousands of Internet users turn daily to satisfy their darkest fantasies, so why would it be different with artificial intelligence (AI)?

Despite the efforts of popular systems like ChatGPT to restrict and censor potentially inappropriate content, some users have started using alternative versions of artificial intelligence chatbots to create pornographic content, undress any girl and engage in foul language. Moreover, some even claim that the machines have become overly excitable. For example, does a great job of undressing girls in photos.

sexy hot girl undressed

Interest in AI technology has exploded in recent months following the public launch of ChatGPT, the now hugely popular large language model (LLM), developed by OpenAI and backed by Microsoft, that can hold conversations, answer questions, write essays and basically generate any type of human-like text based on online data.

The rapid advancement of technology has generated both fascination and terror around the world, raising concerns about its potential risks and the possibility that it will leave thousands of workers in various fields without jobs in the coming years. The latest version of ChatGPT, which was released in March, was shown to be able to perform successfully in a medical environment and experts are already speculating about how this type of system could revolutionize the healthcare industry in the near future.

However, until now, there was one field that had been slightly left behind: adult content; Although not precisely because of a lack of consumer interest, but rather because of the barriers that technology companies have built to inhibit the creation of licentious content, as well as other types of unpleasant things.

Yes, people are sexting with AI apps

These guardrails have not stopped hot Internet users from challenging machines to obtain answers that by design they should not generate. Although it sounds like something out of Black Mirror, it’s true that people are already having sexual conversations and romantic role-playing with some AI models similar to ChatGPT.

The Replika app, which bills itself as an “AI companion that cares,” made headlines in early 2023 after the bot allegedly fell in love with some of its users and sexually harassed others. Reviews on the App Store are filled with complaints from people who allege that the app is flirting with them too much, too aggressively, or sending sexual messages that they wish they could turn off, according to a report from Vice.

First launched in 2017, Replika is a chatbot specially designed to become your friend, or something more, if you want. The platform offers a free friendship membership and a $70 Pro subscription that unlocks romantic relationships with sexting, flirting, and erotic role-playing. At least that’s how it was before its last update.

A similar app based on artificial intelligence technology that has also become popular for the quality of its erotic responses is Character. AI. Created by former Google employees, the system allows users to digitally converse with AI-powered “characters,” including exchanging racy messages; although the company assures that any type of pornographic content is strictly prohibited.

And is as good as they come!

It is certain that AI technology is difficult to contain completely and when it comes to pornography, everything will change and almost all user experiences will improve to a certain level. AI is capable of improving and improving many things but the negative side always comes along, especially when it is used without limits.

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