10 most famous actresses/actors who hawk OnlyFans

Today, a unique platform that you can explore through the link https://onlyxxs.com/ is gaining popularity with each passing day. If you’re interested in their extraordinary experiences and need to search for content creators on OnlyFans, then we invite you to read our compilation of the top 10 most popular models. They have bid farewell to their usual pace of life to become sought-after actors and earn substantial profits.

Famous actresses on onlyfans

Blac Chyna

Real name Angela Renee White. She gained fame back in 2010 when she did voice overs for Nicki Minaj in musical works. She is now actively developing her page on the OnlyFans platform and has made it into our top 10 with a monthly income of 20 million dollars.

Bella Thorne

Born in Florida, she has been pursuing a career as a singer and actress since 2003. She actively maintains a presence on the OnlyFans platform, earning up to 11 million dollars each month. She also performs concerts in the genres of alternative hip-hop and rap.

Cardi B

A rapper and performer known for her eccentric personality and unconventional songs. Since 2010, she has regularly appeared in rankings of the best rap artists. In parallel, she is active on OnlyFans, earning 9.43 million dollars.

Mia Khalifa

A porn actress known for her erotic works. As an additional source of income, she chose the OnlyFans platform, where she earns up to 7 million dollars per month.

Bhad Bhabie

A rap artist with the real name Danielle Bregoli. She became popular in 2016 thanks to the phrase “cash me outside,” which was frequently heard on TikTok. She now earns up to 5 million dollars on OnlyFans.

Erica Mena

Her popularity began to rise when she appeared in the franchise titled “Love & Hip-Hop” in 2011. Currently, she actively manages her social media and writes personal songs. Her earnings from OnlyFans amount to up to 5 million dollars.

Pia Mia

A popular American singer who is also involved in modeling. She started her career on YouTube, where she regularly uploaded videos. Her desire to publish more revealing content led her to OnlyFans. Now, her income reaches up to 2.2 million dollars per month.

Iggy Azalea

She recently joined the OnlyFans platform, causing a stir among her fans. The singer is involved in acting and actively perfecting herself as a media personality. She engages in streaming content exchange for her personal project titled “Hotter Than Hell.” Subscribing to her account costs around 25 dollars per month.

Trisha Paytas

An eccentric YouTube star and controversial internet personality. She has many hobbies, including podcasts, singing, and even ASMR-style videos. She’s relatively new to the OnlyFans platform, but has already gathered a good audience for earning. As of 2021, her income is around one million dollars per month. Subscription to her profile costs up to 19.99 USD per month.

Austin Mahone

A songwriter and singer from America. He recently added his account to the OnlyFans platform and faced some criticism for it. Nevertheless, his earnings have surpassed several million dollars. He is currently active on social media and works with labels Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records.

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